Make time for a Massage and a Moment of Pause

Connection of body and mind flows through
our Holistic Therapy Treatments.

A gentle invitation to release for a deeply restorative experience.

Holistic massage is a process of connection.

Holistic massage therapy requires an understanding of how to be present, to listen and to notice in order to respond.

Each individual massage is unique and completely tailored to you.

Through listening to the body, holistic massage therapy considers the whole picture of you. As a holistic massage therapist, I take into account your physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing and connect with any changes you may be experiencing within your body and mind.

The connection between our body and mind is powerful.

The holistic massage therapy process is based on a deep connection between me as the practitioner and you as a client. This connection is created through touch and response. I use my intuition to guide me, alongside my professional knowledge and years of experience as a qualified practitioner, in order to give your body the treatment it needs in the moment.

My professional treatment room is located on Foregate Street, at the heart of the city of Worcester and can be easily reached by car, bus or train. Flow Holistic Therapy offers a sanctuary for your body and mind within the hive of busy city life.

Holistic massage therapy that allows you to let go and deeply relax

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Flow Holistic Therapy was born through my deeply personal journey of bodywork.  I discovered and experienced the transformative healing power of holistic massage myself, which in turn led me to want to offer this beautiful form of bodywork to others. 

I love the way that I feel when I am experiencing holistic massage therapy. The way I can surrender and the powerful sense of every part of my body connecting to my mind. It is my passion to bring this to others.

As a therapist, I love the feeling of flow I experience when I’m massaging. When I am in a deep state of flow and connection, my hands respond and move without conscious thought and with complete intuition.

This is the way that I work with every one of my wonderful clients.

I am there, present in each moment. I respond to your body by listening with my heart open and allowing my intuition to flow. 

Whether you enjoy holistic massage therapy, reiki treatments, lymphatic drainage massage, hot stone massage, Eastern foot massage, acupressure facial massage or breathwork, you will find that tailoring the treatment to your needs is at the heart of every moment you spend in my calm, safe space

Holistic massage therapy rebalances the flow between body and mind

Holistic massage therapy rebalances the flow between body and mind

What to expect from your treatment 

Initial Consultation

To understand your physical, emotional, and mental needs, we will have an initial conversation together before your first treatment.

I listen carefully to the details you share, giving you my full attention. We will discuss what you hope to receive from your treatment or course of treatments, as this will be personal to you. For example, the focus might be on relaxation, stress relief, pain relief, increased mobility, being present and embodied, switching off from your cares and concerns, or becoming more energised. This allows us to work together to create a treatment plan, which is tailored to what you need right now.

The flow of information from you to me is a key element of the work that I do.

This is always a conversation shared with respect and confidentiality.

The Massage

Your treatment is a place for you to take a pause. To allow you to give yourself the time to notice your own responses and surrender to the calm and the flow of communication between the treatment, your body and your mind.

Your treatment provides the opportunity for a deeper understanding, as I work with you to find the flow between your body and mind.

Each massage involves the flow of communication between me and you. A personalised response from a qualified massage therapist.

After Your Treatment

The end of your session is the beginning of the next phase of your treatment.

Let the moment of pause created during your treatment support you as you leave my professional, Worcester based treatment room, feeling relaxed, renewed and revitalised.

Continue to notice the messages flowing between your body and mind after the massage is complete.

Deepen your knowledge of how to release and restore as you continue with your treatment plan. Notice the increasing ease and flow between your body and mind with regular, restorative treatments.

Connect with Flow Holistic Therapy

Meet Jo

Creating a safe space for you to relax and restore is at the heart of everything I do.

Meet Jo

Creating a safe space for you to relax and restore is at the heart of everything I do.

What my clients say

I had my first massage with the lovely Jo today and I already can’t wait to return for another treatment! Jo is incredibly professional, thorough & made me feel so incredibly relaxed. She worked on areas of concern guided by her intuition and amazing holistic massage skills. I couldn’t recommend Jo’s services highly enough!


Jo is one of the most empathetic, warm, and genuinely switched-on people I’ve ever met. She is kind, thoughtful, and absolutely life changing at her job.
She is able to tune into your body like magic and provides the exact
right treatment
and touch that is needed.


Jo is a wonderfully intuitive practitioner who made me feel safe and nurtured. She understands that massage is not just a physical experience but that it goes much deeper, and she takes the time to explore the individual and make the massage personal and beautiful. Thank you so much!


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