I am precious and so are you

I am precious. I cherish who I am.  

I can feel some discomfort even as I type these words. I believe them, that is, I think they are true, yet I definitely don’t always feel them. It’s really helpful for me to remember that the feelings are not the most important thing, that they develop over time. The magic happens when I believe that I am precious and act in a way that cherishes who I am. 

This shift in thinking and action is definitely a journey, a work in progress, but one that grows with time. Every positive thought I have (I am beautiful, I have something to offer, I’m a loyal, kind friend) and every act of self-care (a walk in the woods, a phone call to a friend, going to bed early) nourishes something inside that wants to grow, to stand tall, to bloom.  

This isn’t a process that is happening in isolation, but in community. It is interesting to notice that as I am learning to cherish who I am, I am surrounded by and continuing to meet like-minded souls, people who inspire and encourage me. I develop greater courage by witnessing the bravery of others, develop deeper compassion as I feel seen and accepted by these beautiful souls.  

Life continues to present challenges, I still get tired, grumpy, ill, worried; the human experience doesn’t suddenly become plain sailing. Instead, I develop a deeper appreciation for the small things, find nourishment in the everyday. I believe I am still precious even when I’m tired and grumpy and therefore treat myself with greater kindness and compassion. 

Earlier today I saw someone I haven’t seen for a few months. She commented on how well I am looking and asked what has changed. Without missing a beat, I replied, ‘thanks, I’m learning to love myself’. And even better, she didn’t think that was a weird answer, she thought it was wonderful. 

I am precious. And so are you. I cherish who I am. I hope you cherish who you are.   

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  1. Jo, I am so glad you know you are precious. You always have been, but so often others (and the world) prevent us from hetting to that point of knowing we are precious.
    You continue to be amazing and loved, as well as helping others find that in and for themselves.

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