Acupressure facial massage

A gorgeous complete treatment that covers the whole of the face, neck and shoulders, incorporating acupressure points on the face and releasing the muscular and fascial structures.

Complete Treatment

As part of this deeply relaxing treatment, I will cleanse your face with a gorgeous Temple Spa cleanser suitable for your skin type. I will then apply a gentle Temple Spa facial oil that will give your skin a nutritious boost while you simply lie back and enjoy the facial massage.

The skin, muscles and fascia of the face have a unique structure to allow us to express ourselves intellectually and emotionally, meaning we hold a huge amount of tension and stress in our facial structure.

This treatment will help you to release tension, allow emotional processing, deeply relax the nervous system and promote rejuvenation of the facial structure.

The benefits of acupressure facial massage include:

• Deeply calms the central nervous system
• Releases tension in the facial muscles
• Releases fascia and stimulates the production of collagen
• Aids the removal of dead skin cells
• Increases blood supply to the face
• Aids lymphatic drainage
• Stimulates acupressure points and reflexes that benefit the whole body

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