Breathwork is the conscious awareness and use of the breath to change the way you feel physically, emotionally, and mentally.

The gentle power of the breath

I am a qualified breathwork instructor specialising in nervous system regulation and emotional healing. I love to teach functional breathwork, supporting you to breathe optimally and release any dysfunctional breathing patterns. I am equally passionate about therapeutic breathwork, supporting you to use the breath for emotional healing, releasing deep rooted stress, trauma, and stuck emotions from the body.

Breathwork is like a remote control for the nervous system. We can use the breath to regulate the nervous system, both to down regulate (calm) the body by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system and up regulate (energise) the body by stimulating the sympathetic nervous system.

Everyone can benefit from breathwork. There is no equipment needed, so it is accessible for everyone. We can all benefit from breathwork because we all have a nervous system, emotions and experiences that need supporting. Breathwork can be of particular benefit for anyone struggling with anger, anxiety, stress, trauma, mood imbalances, depression, chronic health issues, fatigue, hormone imbalances, highly sensitive people and anyone with sleep issues.

Breathwork sessions

One-to-one breathwork sessions

A one-to-one breathwork session offers you in-depth, personalised support. Sessions take place in my treatment room or online, depending on your location, and last for 90 minutes.

During the session, we will assess your current breathing together, noticing any dysfunctional patterns with no judgement and lots of kindness. I will teach you optimal breathing and we will practice this together.

Next, we will discuss your current needs and goals, for example, relaxation, releasing stress, grief or trauma, a reset for the mind and body, feeling more grounded or gaining clarity around an issue. I will teach you some breathing techniques to support your goals. I will then invite you to lie down under a blanket and guide you through your bespoke breathwork session, supporting you throughout.

Group breathwork sessions and workshops

I offer online and in-person breathwork sessions and workshops. Go to my Eventbrite page to learn about upcoming events and book your place.

Wellness sessions

You can book me to come to your workplace or event to deliver a bespoke breathwork session. Contact me directly to arrange.

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