Hot stone massage

Let your aches and pains melt away as your body absorbs the comforting heat from the basalt stones during your hot stone massage.

Relax the whole body 

During your hot stone massage, smooth, flat, heated basalt stones are used to promote your healing and well-being. I use the stones themselves to massage your body, using Swedish massage techniques to give you a holistic treatment. The heat from the hot stones allows the massage to have a deeper effect; one massage stroke with a hot stone is equivalent to four or five massage strokes with my hands. I may also place some stones on your body where the constant release of heat can help to ease tension in your muscles.

Hot stone massage can help you by:

  • Increasing blood flow to your body systems
  • Relaxing connective tissue and increasing flexibility
  • Stimulating lymphatic drainage, assisting with detoxification & fluid balance
  • Relaxing tired, sore and aching muscles
  • Relieving nervous tension, pain and stiffness that is deep in your tissues
  • Promoting feelings of relaxation and well-being

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