What to expect

Initial consultation

Before your massage we will have a conversation where I get to know a little about you and find out the parts of your body needing some attention. This might be because you have a specific injury or condition, where you are feeling some tension or aches and pains or simply for relaxation. We will then agree a massage plan together. This ensures that you can ask for the treatment that you want or need, and allows me to tailor your massage to meet your needs on the day.

In your first session we’ll have an initial consultation where I will ask for information including relevant medical history (such as previous injuries or physical conditions that may affect your massage). In following sessions, we will have a shorter chat before your treatment. Whether it is an initial consultation or quick check in, the aim is always to develop the best treatment plan for you on the day. Your information is confidential, securely stored, and only used for the purposes of your treatment and making contact about appointments.

Preparing for the massage

Once we have agreed a massage plan, I will leave the room for a few minutes to let you get changed and get onto the couch (unless you need some help to get on the couch or I am giving you a seated massage). Take off whatever clothing you feel comfortable with. Most people undress down to their underpants, in order to fully relax under the blanket without restriction. However, if you feel more comfortable keeping some or all of your clothes on that is completely fine too.

During the massage

During your massage I will un-drape and re-drape each area that I am massaging so you’ll be covered up and warm throughout.

I want you to be comfortable during the massage, so feel free to sniff, sneeze, yawn, swallow, snore, scratch an itch or fidget. Put your arms where they are comfortable for you – if I want to move them for better access during the massage, I will ask you, and when I am finished, I will tell you, so you can put them back into a more comfortable position.

Throughout your massage I will check in with you to ensure you are comfortable and receiving the right depth or pressure for you. I welcome questions and feedback at any point during the massage. It’s also totally ok to be quiet. If you need the toilet at any time, just ask

After the massage

If you need any help getting off the massage table please ask. Otherwise, I’ll leave the room for a few minutes to let you get off the table and get dressed. I’ll knock before I come back in, so if you need a little more time, just say. When you are dressed just take a seat and relax.

When I come back into the room, we’ll have a short chat to see how you are feeling and sort out payment. I will offer you the opportunity to book another appointment, but there is no pressure – if you would prefer to see how you feel after your massage before deciding if you want another treatment that is fine.

After your massage, drink plenty of water and if you can, relax for the rest of the day to let your treatment settle into your body.

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